For those who do not know, Street Fighter X Tekken (that's "Street Fighter Cross Tekken") released today. It features a controversial gem system whereby players choose gems that will activate extra attributes once certain conditions have been met. An example of this would be +10 to movement speed after you get hit by two enemy special attacks (or something like that). So now you get the joke. Moving on.

I'm a big fan of Capcom's signature series, and was really excited for this release because it would be new to everyone. Getting in day one means that I could grow my skills right alongside the rest on the online community.

Unfortunately, the online issues that plague some new releases are present here. Sound effects drop at random, which is surprisingly distracting when you are trying to hit-confirm, and I've found lag to be a major issue. Considering the fact that there have been a slew of Capcom fighters with online functionality made available just this past year, it kind of makes you wonder.

The offline play is great, and it doesn't hurt to practice a bit before facing off against the online warriors, but it's always a let down when a product doesn't work like it should out of the box. Here's hoping that patch shows up soon.