I have been playing ALL the video games. Right as I was feeling like I didn't really want to play anything other than Street Fighter or Call of Duty...


Xenoblade Chronicles!


Devil May Cry 3!!

That last one gets 2 exclamations because I LOVE IT. I missed it. It had been what... 7 years!? Crazy. I played that game so much the disc broke. True story. Actually... I think it broke my roommate's PS2. Yep. I'm remembering it now. Here's what happened. I flipped out and threw the whole rig out the window cuz GODDAMN WAS THE END HARD.


Xenoblade Chronicles is also very much worth checking out if you want to feel like you're playing a lost RPG gem from the Super NES era. I'm getting whiffs of Chrono Trigger level greatness from it. It smells like chicken. Wait... my neighbor's cooking. But what the hell?! They're steaks?! What kind of voodoo...