Did you know that whoremaster is a word? Seriously, check it out. First known use: 14th century. Awesome.

I've been playing Ghost Recon: Future Soldier. It is very much like Splinter Cell: Conviction. That's not a horrible thing, but it's a thing. Possibly an unexpected thing. An unexpectedly horrible thing.

See, I hate fail states. I hate trial and error if I have to look at a load screen that lasts more than a millisecond. This is why Trials HD and Trials: Evolution are good games. You get to try again immediately.

When Future Soldier says I fail, after slowly and carefully clearing an area with my squad, just because one sniper (one that I would likely never see unless I had already failed) sees a dead body? Mix a long load screen in to that shit and BOOYA! Game-I'm-Not-Playin-Soup.