For the record, I have never finished that movie.

I am in San Francisco. Kinda. When you are reading this I will be. Maybe. I'm writing this before actually going. So who knows?

Maybe I'm in Chicago, waiting for a lobster dinner.

Don't tell me where to be. Cut your hair.


DmC is an awesome game for regular people. If you are some frame-counting, animation-interrupting, jump-canceling, combo-buffering, super-sizing, dream-catching, mask-polishing, dick-riding, combat master, then maybe it's not for you. But you're probably made up. Like a bangable burrito. Bitch.

For real though, the people who really got in there and wanted to earn those SSS ratings in old DMC games are mad for good reason. I kinda slopped my way into one very early on. I nearly got carpal tunnel for DMC3 to get an SSS rating once. It was amazing. That game... god damn that game was good....

Anyway, the combat in Dee little Em Cee is really fun, the art is amazing, and the story is more substantial than past DMCs. You should get it if you had even a passing interest.

Sucka Dee, Bee.