I was finally able to sit down and finish this strip. Hot damn. I'm ready for the next one. Very difficult to fit all the information needed, btw.

Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon comes out this week. I am looking forward to matching its stupidity with some of my own.

Anyone playing Monaco?

If not, what are you playing?


I completely forgot that I wanted to show you guys this. I've seen other comics show thier process before so I figured I'd pull back the curtain a little.

After I've got the text written, every strip's composition is sketched out. I've got to make sure this makes sense to anyone else. Most of the time I will discover something that needs to be moved... or even an opportunity for a joke that wasn't there before. This one was pretty straightforward, as far as text is concerned, although, I did wrestle with Dennis saying "I want to go home." But that had been happening for a while. Ultimately, it made sense to me.

My biggest issue with this strip was getting all the movement to work properly. There's a lot that happens in these 7 panels. I think I did ok, given the space I had to work. I knew going into this arc that it would work much better as a traditional comic book, with splash pages and different pacing options, but that's not what I do here. Getting any of these strips to be entertaining by themselves, as well as working together to tell a coherent story has been a fun challenge.

Anyway, here is what this strip looked like before the sketch layer was removed and the coloring was applied. Also some small changes to the lines were made. SEE IF YOU CAN SPOT THEM ALL. OK BYE.

I got that bitch a sketch. Bitches love sketches.

This picture has a weiner in it.