I guess we're updating on Mondays now!

This took a while. Surprise. They always do.

Yesterday was Cinco De Guy Blow and BOY, DID I CELEBRATE. But really, I did blow your dad. And 4 other guys. They were probably dads too. I didn't stop to ask.

No, what actually happened was that I played Guacamelee, finally. I only put about an hour or so in, but man, super good time. I recommend it highly.

I also recommend Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon. I spent a couple evenings last week playing through what I would call a "Perfect-Length Game", or a "Your-Dad-Length Game". As an adult (kinda, not really, hardly even) I like games that I can complete in a couple sittings. I don't need a 25 hour game. I just fucking don't. GET TO THE POINT ALREADY.

I hear Guacamelee is a similarly short game that also only cost me $15. Hmm, I'm seeing a trend here...


Y'all said Steam Avatars and I was like, "Word?" Here are some. I'll make more with the characters later.

Spooky, no?

Spicy, no?

Traditional, no?

Penis, no?


As promised, here are some more avatars.

Calm down, Frank. Jeez.

Relax, Elrond. Man.

And then this guy. Flame Face from Guacamelee. Why? Cuz I wanted to draw his head.



Bannen gets what Bannen wants. For those who don't know (why would you), Bloxor was a comic character from the 1up days that never really got his due. I'll post more about it later, but for now, here's a confusing, weird-ass avatar!

Bitch Where Hannah At