Sorry for the late update. Busy last week.

I want to talk about the Xbox One reveal and the sweaty nerd rage that has followed.

I'd like to start by saying I am an owner of all the major current gen consoles. I love games. Period. Whatever I need to buy to get to them, well, I probably will. That being said, I mostly played games these past 8 years on an Xbox 360, because that's where my friends were... mostly.

So, as excited as I was for the PS4 reveal, I was more excited to see what Microsoft had up its sleeve, because that's where my people would be playing games in the future. So... did they deliver? It was an All American Brofest. It seems to be made for bros with families who love cable television. That's actually going to fly with me.

I can understand people being upset at the TV-centric presentation, but most of the games that were announced at the PS4 event have been confirmed for the Xbox One. ALSO!! E3 is 18 days away, nerds!! I'm sure we'll see some games. Probably a lot of them. Boner-inducing, hype-building games. And most of them will be wonderfully cross platform.

And of those cross platform games, I'll probably play most of them on the PC I built recently.



Since everyone seemed to not give a shit about the process I go through to make these comics, I FIGURED I'D SHOW YOU MORE OF IT!!

First I do this.

Then I do this.