GrE3tings! This was a big week for video games. Whether you're a Sony fanboy, trumpeting victory over the much-maligned (for good reason) Xbox One, or you're not a fucking asshole, one thing is certain: events transpired. There is a lot to talk about.
Mostly shooters. Exclusive ones. And driving games. Some exclusive, some not.
Titanfall, by Respawn (OMG THEY MADE COD4 KINDA), looks amazing. It is an exclusive to any box that microsoft has anything to do with, meaning I'll likely play it on PC. Only about 70 people on this dev team. Worth mentioning.
Watch_Dogs. Just give me this game already.
The Crew. Massive, open-world driving game. Also an MMO. Does Ubisoft have any games I'm not interested in playing?
Just Dance. Yes, they do.
Infamous: Second Son. Let me play as a second SUN and you have yourself game! Until then, yeah this one'll do fine. I guess.
Killzone Shadowfall. Eh. I need to see more. I played a lot of Killzone 2 Multi.
Destiny. One of two games that froze up a bit at the Sony conference. Also, the "next big thing" from Bungie. Looks a lot like playing Halo co-op to me.
Mirror's Edge 2. Yessssssss. Yes. No! No wait, yes.
Anything on WiiU. God damn it, Nintendo.
Those are just a few of the games I'm really looking forward to. Let me know in the comments which you're most excited about. But before I go I want to get something off my chest. And for once, it's not your mom's poop. Damn. Grossed myself out.
Anyway, this whole used games DRM thing... The Xbox One priced $100 more than the PS4... The Kinect taping you while you fuck your dad....?
Gaming has never been a cheap hobby. Whatever DRM system Sony or Microsoft implements, you're going to pony up a lot of cash this next generation, especially if you want dem exclusives. It's the way it's always been. If you can't afford an expensive, optional hobby, then you can't afford it. Do people complain on jet-ski forums?
I haven't even looked, but they do.
Finally, quit fucking your dad. Or just unplug the Kinect.