I think it's safe to say most of us don't get the furry thing, and by "get the furry thing" I don't mean "receive penis".

Furry Con, or whatever they are calling it, is going on right now, or was. Maybe it's over. I'm not really sure. I was hiding in the house, occasionally peeking through the blinds to throw disapproving looks at the empty street. I see you out there, street.

I imagine the whole proposition is very confusing for a child. "Oh look, a mascot like at the amusement park!" Little do they know, that "mascot" is at least twice as likely to touch a butt. Maybe even three times as likely. I'm no scientist.

Look, I'm not saying that all furries, or any for that matter, like to touch kids. I'm just saying that, because of furries, no child of mine will pose for a picture with Mickey Mouse. No, they probably will. I mean, I'll be there. Plus, I shouldn't limit someone else due to my irrational... fear? Sure. It's just... Furries freak me out, man. I'm sorry. It is a thing I have tried to understand and I come up with nothing. Just a creepy little blank space.

Some of these motherfuckers shit in litter boxes when staying in hotels. I mean, come on. I may make a bizzarre internet comic, but...

In other news, Rogue Legacy is difficult and I like it.