I'm not entirely sure how I missed last summer's Playstation "exclusive" Dyad, but I picked it up "exclusively" from the Steam Summer Sale, along with about 400 other titles.

Dyad is the standout by a large margin.

It is the first game I would ever describe as competitive tripping. You are essentially trying to trip harder than everyone else on the leaderboard. What's not to like?

It is a perfect melding of sound and shape that demands a zen-like focus in order to achieve high scores. You HAVE to space out and stare down the center of this kaleidoscopic tunnel, latching onto enemies, always gaining speed, completely forgetting that there is a controller in your hand. It asks you to lose yourself, rewarding you with an ever-increasing electronic soundtrack and a ridiculous sense of speed. The more you give in, the more it gives back.

I think it is a fantastic game, even if you don't draw the parallel to doing drugs. Though, they certainly do. There's a level called "A Heroic Dose". Come on.


There will be an update on Monday 7/29.

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