Zee End.

I think I may actually be losing my mind. But I'm afraid I won't know 'til it's gone, as the saying goes.

Games. Two of them come out within this next week. Two of the year's biggest releases.

That's right. I'm talking about

Just Dance Kids 2014 WiiU (good name or GREATEST NAME?)


of course

The 2K Power Pack

What even is it? No one knows. But with a name like 2k Who Gives a Fuck we all know it's gonna be good.

Damn good.

So you can keep your Batmens and you can BF your soldiers 4 times for all I care.

dances into the sunset with children


I haven't been working on comics as I've decided to start doing some game related videos over on Youtube.

If you go subscribe, I can promise two of the following three things will happen.

  1. You'll get laid.

  2. You'll be updated when my videos come out.

  3. You can then watch those videos.