Eyyyyyy. They're in a hole now. EXCITEMENT!

Do you know what else is exciting? NO SERIOUSLY I'M ASKING.

Super bored over here.

I've wrung some fun out of Watch_Dogs, despite it being kind of a let down. I almost feel bad saying that, since it is still a good game, though a bit broken. The thing is, it's kind of Ubisoft's fault for constantly misleading people with prerelease demos. This same thing (the final game not looking like what was previously shown) also happened with Far Cry 3. Still a good game, Far Cry was (I'm Yoda now). But E3 demo for that mislead, it did.

Stop that shit, they must.

In other news, Ultra Street Fighter 4 came out today, so I think I'll go be bad at that. Wait, I guess that would be the thing that is exciting. My bad.